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Prerequisites and Cost


  • Required courses must be completed by the start of camp with a minimum grade of "C". These courses include:
    • Mineralogy
    • Petrology
    • Structural Geology
    • Stratigraphy
    • Sedimentology
  • Applicant must have a letter of reference from a faculty member of their geology program.
  • Immunizations and Health
    • You should be immunized against tetanus before you leave for field camp. All students are required by the University to carry personal health and accident insurance.
  • Physical Condition
    • You should be in good physical condition, prepared for strenuous hiking in hot or cold weather


There are three parts to expenses for field camp:

  • 1

    Tuition and fees charged by the University

  • 2

    A Field Camp fee

  • 3

    Miscellaneous expenses such as meals not covered in item two

Credit Hour Related Tuition and Fees

Internal student tuition is set by the year you began at ISU. Tuition rates for external students will be $2222 and an outreach fee of $491 will also be applied. You will be billed for this by the University. Billing for tuition and outreach fees is usually in early May. Payment and registration status can be determined from your GO ISU account.

Do not deposit your tuition check in the field camp account. ISU tuition is tied directly to matriculation year, so some tuition costs will be more for some students. Billing for tuition and fees will be in early May.

Field Camp Fee

This is $2000. This fee covers expenses for University transportation, dorm rooms, meal tickets, supplies, motels and other items as needed. $500 is paid upon acceptance. The balance is due April 1.

Upon acceptance, you will be provided with information about making your field camp fee payment electronically using the Touchnet system.

Miscellaneous Expenses

There will be about five days where meals are not part of your fee. You will probably want some money for meals on travel days, gifts, etc. This amount has varied from $100-$1000.

Financial Aid

Illinois State Students may be eligible for student loans. Please let Dr. Malone know if you will be applying and he will notify the financial aid office.

External students will need to discuss financial aid at their home institutions.


You must have some kind of medical insurance to participate in field camp. For external students, you are not covered by ISU insurance. For native ISU students, you must presently be a full-time student and be presently insured through the University or be registered for six hours of regular summer courses (not including FC) prior to the end of the spring session to be eligible for summer insurance.