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Galina Shinkareva

Postdoctoral Resident
Felmley Hall Annex FSA 435
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Current Courses

314.001Aqueous Geochemistry

439.001Aqueous Geochemistry

Research Interests & Areas

Ecohydrology, freshwater systems, aquatic vegetation, GIS, anthropogenic pollution, heavy metal fluxes, potentially toxic elements distribution in suspended and bottom sediments

PhD Geography

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Journal Article

Vlasov, D., Kasimov, N., Eremina, I., Shinkareva, G., Chubarova N., 2023. Major ions and potentially toxic elements in atmospheric precipitation during the COVID-19 lockdown in Moscow megacity. Urban Climate 48, 101422.
Vlasov, D., Kasimov, N., Eremina, I., Shinkareva, G., Chubarova, N., 2021. Partitioning and solubilities of metals and metalloids in spring rains in Moscow megacity. Atmospheric Pollution Research 12, 255–271.