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Scholarships and Awards

The department awards several scholarships and academic prizes to our majors each year in order to recognize/reward exceptional studentship.

All majors are considered for most scholarships, several scholarships, students can apply for between their junior and senior years.

  • Harry O. Lathrop-Arthur W. Watterson Memorial Award

    This memorial scholarship honors students majoring in one of our programs. Candidates must demonstrate academic achievement, good character, and leadership qualities.

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  • Steve and Lori Nalefski Endowed Scholarship Fund

    The Steve and Lori Nalefski Scholarship fund provides financial assistance for students majoring in Geology. Scholarships may be renewable annually, provided the student meets the listed criteria.

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  • William (“Bill”) Shields Memorial Scholarship in Geology

    The Bill Shields Memorial Scholarship in Geology provides general support for Geology students to help offset expenses related to field experiences, conferences, professional development, and research. The fund may also be used for recruiting students into the Geology program, either from outside of the University or internal transfers.

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