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Scholarships and Awards

The department awards several scholarships and academic prizes to our majors each year in order to recognize/reward exceptional studentship.

All majors are considered for most scholarships, several scholarships, students can apply for between their junior and senior years.

  • Michael D. and Patricia A. Sublett Geography Professional Development Fund Award

    The Sublett Fund makes available funds to Geography majors who need financial assistance to offset the cost of education, including paying for necessities of life, academic and otherwise.

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  • Harry O. Lathrop-Arthur W. Watterson Memorial Award

    This memorial scholarship honors students majoring in one of our programs. Candidates must demonstrate academic achievement, good character, and leadership qualities.

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  • Eunice Blackburn Scholarship

    The Blackburn scholarship supports high-achieving students enrolled in the geography program.

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  • George R. Means Geography Scholarship

    The George R. Means Geography Scholarship provides financial support and encouragement to students of high character with strong professional promise and potential to improve society.

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  • Margaret Means Endowment Stipend

    The Margaret Means Scholarship encourages and enables students to prepare for a career in geography. Awards are available to support students pursuing internships that are unpaid or that only carry a small stipend.

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  • Louis Miglio Scholarship

    The Louis Miglio Scholarship supports Teacher Education students while student teaching, in the Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment.

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  • The Joseph and Shannon Fluder Awards for excellence in Geography and Environmental Sciences

    The Joseph and Shannon Fluder awards recognize student academic excellence and financial need in support of professional development activities, including the completion of an unpaid internship experience, participation in professional conferences and related travel, study abroad, and purchase of materials or technology that will enhance the professional growth of the candidate.

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