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Student interacts with the equipment at her lab station.

Why Study The Environment

Studying the environment with Illinois State will give you the opportunity to explore the complex environmental challenges and sustainable solutions that are available through hands-on technology and laboratory-based learning experiences. Join this growing and vibrant job sector and become tomorrow's environmental leader. Learn more about how you can STATE Your Destination.

Environmental Studies Programs

Resources For You

  • Financial Support

    Learn how we can help support your academic experience through scholarships and awards.

  • Advising

    You have career and academic goals to accomplish. We can help.

  • Honors Program

    Enrich your learning experience through academic, cultural, professional, and community-building opportunities.

  • Schedule a Visit

    Schedule a visit with The Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment and see what our many programs have to offer!

Careers in Environmental Studies

A number of emerging career fields await you when studying the environment. From educational areas to laboratory-based fields, there are numerous opportunities. Help identify current and future trends and then take action on how to provide a better world for people everywhere.

Our graduates become:

  • Environmental Sustainability Consultant

  • Sustainability Coordinator

  • Conservation Coordinator

  • geo-icons-mapping

    Natural Areas Instructor

  • Green Marketing Analyst

  • geo-icons-earthscience

    Climate Change Analyst

  • geo-icons-teacher

    Environmental Educator

  • geo-icons-urbanplanning

    Environmental Analyst

  • Carbon Credit Trader

Department Travels

We love to travel in the Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment at Illinois State University!

See Where Our Faculty and Students Have Travelled

The World is Your Classroom