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Impacts of Humans and Global Change in Hydrologic and Water Resource Systems

Research Info

Advisors : Wonwosen Seyoum

Dr. Seyoum joined the department this fall (2016). As the title implies, his research interests include modeling of hydrologic processes (surface and groundwater), impact of humans and global change in hydrologic and water resource systems, and remote sensing of hydrologic systems. Specific areas include:

  • Understand and quantify how the hydrogeological and land-atmospheric variables and interactions drive the terrestrial water cycle,
  • Quantify and explore the effect of global change and anthropogenic impacts in the hydrologic processes (e.g., recharge, run off) and terrestrial water storages (e.g., groundwater, lake),
  • Evaluate the effect of climate variability (e.g. drought) due to large-scale oceanic-atmosphere oscillations in the hydrologic processes and water resources,
  • Satellite applications in hydrogeology (e.g., GRACE, TRMM, GPM, MODIS, Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1/2) to quantify hydrologic fluxes and understand regional hydrologic processes, specifically in data sparse regions,
  • Application of computational methods in geosciences, contaminant hydrology, hazardous waste remediation, and geostatistics are the other interests.
graph/chart of resource systems