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Environmental Studies

A Concentration in Geography

Potential careers include Environmental Analyst or Technician, Mapping Analyst, Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist, Environmental Investigator, Disaster Manager, Environmental Planner, Aerial Survey Technician, Agricultural Consultant, Landscape Consultant, Geoscientist, Natural Resource Officer, Resources Conservationist, and Water Resource Analyst in the following areas: climatology, natural resource management, climate change analysis, environmental protection, forestry conservation, air and water quality, wilderness conservation and restoration, environmental management and quality, wildlife conservation, human-environment research, and national defense.

Potential employers include federal agencies (e.g., National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization (NOAA), Soil and Water Conservation Service, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM)), state government (e.g., Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois Water Survey), local government (e.g., park districts, forest preserve districts), the private sector (e.g., Arthur Daniel Midland (ADM), Early Bird Fertilizer, civil engineering firms, and mining and resource extraction firms), or non-governmental organizations (e.g., The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund). Following this concentration is good preparation for graduate studies in physical geography, resource extraction, climatology, geomorphology, environmental science, and biogeography.


  • Core Requirements:

    • GEO 100 Environmental Systems Science (4)
    • GEO 238 Statistics for Geographers I (3)
    • GEO 135 World Geography (3) OR GEO 142 Human Geography (3)
    • GEO 292 Career Preparation in Geography II (1)
    • GEO 138 Maps and Geographic Reasoning (3)
    • GEO 300 Cartography (3)
    • GEO 204 Career Preparation in Geography I (1)
    • GEO 303 Intro to Geographic Information Systems (4)
    • GEO 205 Environment, Resources and Sustainability (3)
    • GEO 398.01 Professional Practice: Internship in Environmental Systems (4)
  • Regional Requirement:

    (choose one course)

    • GEO 235.02 Latin America
    • GEO 306.04 Geography of Japan
    • GEO 235.04 Middle East
    • GEO 306.22 Geography of Chicago
    • GEO 265 Our National Parks
    • GEO 306.28 Environmental Geography of Baja California
  • Elective Requirement:

    (Choose six courses-five must be at 300 level)

    • GEO 211 Weather
    • GEO 326 Environmental Justice
    • GEO 304 Geographic Systems Applications
    • GEO 334 Political Ecology
    • GEO 305 Remote Sensing
    • GEO 336 Urban Geography
    • GEO 308 Quantitative Methods II
    • GEO 342 Economic Geography
    • GEO 322 Sustainable Cities
    • GEO 344 BioGeography

Recommended Minors

Biology, Urban Studies, Computer Science, Economics, Geology, Mathematics, or Physics.