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Scholarships and Awards

  • Professional Development Fund Award

    The Sustainability Fund is making available professional development awards of up to $500 each to Environmental Systems Science and Sustainability (ESSS) majors. Background information, qualifications, and application/evaluation guidelines follow. Apply at any time.


    1. You must at the time of application be an ESSS major at Illinois State University in good academic standing.
    2. You must not have received a Sustainability Award during the present calendar year.
    3. Purposes for the funds must be for your professional development as a student environmentalist, which can include paying for necessities of life, academic and otherwise.

    Application and Evaluation Guidelines

    1. Prepare a proposal for your Award using the format of a one-page academic essay (title, paragraphs, proofing, etc.). Submit the essay as a printed paper document or an attachment to an email to the Chairperson. Essay cannot exceed 250 words.
    2. In the essay, explain your current circumstances as an ESSS major, the need for funding, exactly what you will purchase with the money, and how much you expect to spend for each item (product or service).
    3. At the bottom of the page provide your name, student number, mailing address, and other contact information. Give the date of the essay there as well.
    4. The Chairperson will administer and make the awards.
    5. If you receive an award, after you have spent the funds, write a brief note to the Chairperson explaining what you purchased and how said purchases affected your student career.
    6. If you have questions about the Award, contact the Chairperson.